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I went through many years where I felt frumpy inside and out. The joy of dressing up, looking good, and feeling pleased with an outfit had deserted me. My mother invited me to a ladies Christmas banquet, but informed me I needed to dress up. We went shopping, with great reluctance on my part. Yet, I found a beautiful sweater to dress up a great black skirt hidden at the back of my closet. The vibrant red with a touch of elegance in the pearls adorning it drew my attention in a way clothes had not done for a long time.

When I began doing some speaking I realized I needed new things to wear. I wanted comfort, but needed to somehow combine that with being dressed professionally. My thoughts about what might look good on my present body shape needed an overhaul too. It became a time of learning to love myself for who I was, and what I was gifted to do regardless of whether I fit the stereotypical image of a speaker, storyteller, and author – whatever that image is supposed to look like.

Several friends lent their assistance, offered valuable critiques and encouragement along the journey from that first red sweater to my present go to outfits, including accessories. I like to think I can rock the loose, open, sweater-style jackets over fun, sleeveless shirts, and a comfy pair of pull-on dress pants, or up the outfit a notch and slide the jacket over a dress. I have these jackets in an array of colours hanging in my closet, but my favourite go-to one is burgundy. The hot pink and navy blue run close seconds to the burgundy ones – both a warmer winter one and a light weight summer one in almost the same shade. I mix up the options once in a while with purple, red, or green.

This colour palette looks good on me, makes me feel pretty, and keeps me comfortable when speaking in front of any size crowd. I love the necklaces and earrings to finish off the outfit, pulling attention to details. No matter how much costume jewelry I already have, my eyes are drawn to store displays in case I find a fabulous new piece to change up a favourite outfit.

The biggest problem to complete any outfit is footwear. My feet complain at the cute strappy heels that I love the look of. I need to find shoes that make the feet happy when standing, but can still be fun – not an easy task, especially with a dress.

Christmas is coming and with this season, if I chose, I can add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. But who says sparkle has to wait for a special occasion or party? The inside sparkle of fun should come out to play whenever it wants. It might be bling, sparkle on a jacket, or simply the favourite burgundy sweater jacket, matching jewelry and a fun shirt underneath.

This is one outfit I feel like I can rock while looking professional enough to speak to a group of people or teach a workshop.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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