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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


Have you heard and seen it as much as I did lately, the exhaustion and tiredness that is all around? Have you felt it, too?

Life has been eating at us. The last 24+ months were intense to say the least: a global pandemic that came alongside a ton of change, fear, upheaval, insecurity, disunity and cosmic energy and now a war that lets the world hold its breath and an inflation rate that keeps one worrying what else might come. It all has given us an opportunity to take a close look at our lives and see what we’ve got. Nevertheless having experienced so much in such a short and yet extended period of time has cost us much of our energy.

Getting more restorative sleep, good exercise and optimal nourishment are the obvious answers, but there are more ways than that:

  • Do you crave delightful social time you might not have had for a long time? And I mean the face-to-face one, not the digit to digit on-screen version.
  • Would your life benefit from the amazing spiritual and emotional boost you get from helping someone else?
  • When was the last time you took a whole day to just be with yourself and do what you please including those simple joys such as taking a walk, snuggling up with a good book, having your favourite drink or chatting with your best friend for hours on end?
  • Are there feelings inside that need to be expressed? You can write, paint, talk or even scream if you need to.
  • Maybe you need a shift in perspective? Then take a walk at night, gaze into the sky and connect with the vastness of the universe. Nothing feels as big and important as it did before you sensed your connection with the universe.
  • Do you need to consciously drop expectations, whether your own or those of others, in order to be able to breathe again? Then let go.
  • Is your body craving to release the tension it held on to and do you need to become present in your body again? A massage or dancing can help you with that.
  • Do you need to go on a media fast and not take in any information from the world for a day or two so your nervous system can go into relax mode and you can hear your guiding internal dialogue again?
  • Would it be a good idea for you to connect with heaven or with earth or even both in order to stand firmly grounded with your head held high again? Allow yourself to get nourished from both realms.
  • Does your belly crave some real laughter, the one that shakes your whole body, is literally unstoppable and a total reset for your view on life?
  • Is there anything else not on the list that you are craving inside, something that refreshes your soul and refills your cup? Go do it.


This week’s homework:

When you visit your personal place of exhaustion what does it call for?



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