In Consciously Woman

As inspiring as the stories have been this week (you go ladies!), I have to say that during this first week of the year all I have done is work. I did it to myself and have no one to blame; I had a small blip in the road with my manifestations (homeopathy, yoga, and travel) and my initial thoughts of how things would “just work out”. One of my biggest challenges in life is being at ease with my finances. Have I always had the money to do the things I want to do? Yes. Have I ever gone without? No. Do I have a roof over my head and food on the table? Yes. Despite all of that, I get very small, momentary glimpses of “I don’t have enough money…” when looking at my intentions for 2018. My reaction was to pick up shifts at the hospital to appease my fear.

The outcome was that I worked literally all week, and didn’t stop to smell the roses. Now I am back in my body and not in my mind and I think: it happens to the best of us. I find there is always an ebb and flow with my higher self versus my ego. This intricate dance is the search for how to co-exist with both, and find happiness in each. That being said, I did get to spend time with two new patients yesterday, both teenage girls who were in need of some fine tuning of their health with homeopathy. That resonated with me and surprise, surprise…it didn’t feel like work. Those experiences lifted my spirits, and I walked away feeling lighter than I had the entire week. Just another reminder to myself that I am always doing what I am supposed to be doing, in each and every moment that passes. Each moment leads me to the next, taking me where I need to be. I did some pranayama work (breath work) and just smiled. It’s funny how we set out our intentions for the coming year, and while we all take a tumble from time to time, the goal is to be able to laugh off the blips in life, learn from them and keep pushing forward towards our next goal.

I raise my wine glass (Krystle, I know you have yours!), and salute this week. You got me…. But here’s a toast to the next week: may I be more present in my body and less in my thoughts, may I persevere through the work ahead, and may I continue to work on achieving my intentions for 2018. Slainte!

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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