Plant Based is Not Health Based

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Written by: Kelly Duffin; Kick it With Kelly


According to popular belief, going “Plant based” is one of the best things we can do to obtain
optimal health and weight loss. That is largely not the case though, as many times “Plant
based” is not always healthy!

As an example, burger king’s “impossible burger” that is touted as “healthy” in advertisements,
is largely unhealthy to the point that we may as well have a regular whopper! The impossible
burger contains 44 milligrams of estrogen, is a GMO product and contains a huge amount of
inflammatory vegetable oil.

Regular 1/4lb hamburger only contains 2.5mg of estrogen. 44 milligrams of estrogen is
shockingly equal to birth control and plenty enough to cause gyneclomastia – otherwise known
as male breast growth.

Soy can raise estrogen by 1,000%. Another shocking fact is that babies raised on soy formula
can go through puberty as early as 3 to 6 years old.

Whatever your dietary preferences and choices are, be sure to make informed ones.
If you’d like to go plant based to improve your health or attempt to lose weight, stick to high
quality whole foods like vegetables, fruits and plenty of greens.


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