Orchid Season (It’s Snowing!)

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah, Go Go Green Thumbs


The “noID” Phalenopsis.

So hybridized that their parentage is no longer possible to identify, orchids are plentiful and beautiful – easy to spot at the garden centre, florist, and grocery stores.

The make an easy and elegant hostess gift.

I’ve been learning more about different types of orchids after mistreating more of them than I care to recall. (I’m sorry Vanda!) So many just aren’t as difficult to grow as many still believe and I encourage you to ‘mend your ways’ if you’ve been that hostess,  or just thought they were too difficult to care for.

They make a perfect mindfulness partner  – you end up getting to know them – observing their seasonal changes and adapting for your environment – and the feedback is, well, pretty gorgeous!

Rule of Green Thumbs: Gift yourself one of these lovely exotics the next time you can – the attention needed is repaid in spades.

In my house – this little beauty noID is the star of the houseplant show.

There’s a whole rainbow of subtle pastel hues there in her petals and even the stem. Uncommonly for most phals, this one has a faint but beautiful fragrance. Sooo good.

She was finally repotted this fall (no it’s not the perfect time, but this was well overdue). I’m looking forward to enjoying this beautiful display again soon and lucky for me there’s a flower spike on it’s way out now! I know that my potting media wasn’t quite what it should be  – there was too much peat or coir – soy might end up being repotted again in the spring….I’ll watch and learn.


Go Go Green Thumbs!





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