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I glanced at this week’s challenge during the busy Thanksgiving weekend while two granddaughters baked pies in my kitchen and another, visiting from college, scrambled to get some homework done. I noticed the theme about getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. At first, I missed the part about choosing one small step and actually doing it this week.

After the grandchildren went back to college and high school, and life returned to normal (whatever that might be), I needed to catch up on everyday things, and took some time to reread the post and challenge. What could I pick to try?

I attended a Spotlight of Seniors event this week. Many vendors had set up on the upper floor of our downtown conference centre highlighting what they had to offer to those advancing into their retirement years. I visited with people sitting behind their displays, picked up pens, pads of paper, and even enjoyed a treat or two along the way. During one conversation at the Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers booth, I was asked if I sewed or knitted. I shook my head; I do not pursue either of these endeavors.

The next question pertained to the things I do like doing. I boldly answered, “I am a speaker and a writer”. The two ladies got excited about this adventure of mine and our conversation continued. I took that one little step and opened up about what I like to write about. Then I took another small step and handed them one of my business cards.

I continued to wander from booth to booth, gathering information about products and services available in our community. I became even braver and continued to hand out my business card as I engaged people in conversation, especially with those representing the retirement living places. I found out that many of them are looking for someone to come in to offer entertainment or educational experiences for their residents. Well, I can entertain with my stories. I can educate them on the importance of sharing their stories before they are lost, when all we’ll be left with is one opinion point of view contained in history books.

Marketing myself scares me. I am never quite sure how to let people know what I do, and that I am available to tell stories, do presentations, or put on a workshop. This week I took one small step and initiated conversations about myself, handed out business cards and found myself enjoying the time. Now to wait and see if anything comes of the interest expressed during those few brief hours. One small step might lead to many exciting adventures.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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