One Decision at a Time

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I am often plagued by lack of focus, motivation, drive and energy. I have many days where I find myself thinking “I wish I were doing x, y or z instead,” but when the time comes that I have the freedom to do so I find myself sitting in my house alone in what I call an energy paralysis. In my head I have many ideas of what a perfect day would be but as I take note of how I’ve been showing up in my life over the last year I have to say that my perfect day involves feeling positive, motivated, energetic and healthy. When I am feeling those four elements I feel unstoppable and like I can achieve anything.

How that would play out would be waking up before the sun, going for a walk before coming home and making an amazing breakfast. I wouldn’t have to work on this day (because who’s perfect day involves a job?), so I would spend a few hours in the morning writing my book, followed by a delicious lunch that by some miracle was prepared for me before lifting some weights in my home gym. Then I’d spend a few hours on my art before having a delicious dinner with my boyfriend and an evening of relaxing with a glass of wine, which, in my perfect day I would be able to enjoy fully and without consequence.

As I move through this stage in my life I think about how important my health and vitality has become to me. When we are missing these key elements it is difficult to thrive and in saying this I feel a renewed committment to hold strong and do what I know it will take to get to this place where I can be fully present in my life and not only live this perfect day but have it as part of my every day reality.

What I want for myself and my life has become so simple but for me, it’s powerful. I’m looking forward to all the steps I have to take to make it a reality and I am looking forward to living this life healthy, empowered, strong and energetic so that I can manifest and cultivate my large scale dreams and ambitions. It begins with one decision at a time, one day at a time.

Written by: Sandra Barnhart

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