Once and Never

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


Once upon a time a little baby girl was born into a strikingly normal family. There was a father, a mother and a few siblings. There were dinners, games, sibling rivalry, school and parents who meant well.

Sometimes though the little girl felt as different as an orange skinned child born into a family of blue skinned people. It gave her the feeling that there was something inherently wrong with her, as nobody else seemed to have this notion. Sensing that her parents were weighed down by life already she didn’t want to be a burden. So for the sake of being loved and accepted she buried those feelings deep in her soul, never to be looked at again. Conformity wasn’t a word she knew but a concept she lived by.

As the little girl grew up to be a woman of her own standing she did life the way she knew it: an education, a job, a family and a few friends. Life seemed good if it wouldn’t have been for this rumbling deep inside. At first it felt like a little kitten left in a box in the basement trying to get out, with time it became a lioness trying to escape. Only it was neither, it was her soul reminding her of who she once was.

It took time and courage to look at what was lurking there in the dark. What she discovered through work, effort and lots of tears were her most inner dreams and desires. She saw that her gifts were a unique blend of skills she was given to conquer her world. Accepting that her being trumped any attempts of doing wasn’t easy, but she realized that she was enough just the way she was, right now. She learned that no matter who did or didn’t accept her as long as she loved and appreciated herself she would be fine.

She vowed that never again would she allow herself to be defined by the wounds of others expressed in their opinions, rather she would make it a habit to come back to her core to experience her own unique being. She also noticed that doing so did not only empower her, but gave permission to those around her to do the same rather than shying away from being grand. That made her almost as happy as knowing herself deeply.

The end.



This week’s homework:

What does it take for you to be true to yourself?




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