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I have never created a vision board before. I do jot myself notes about ideas, possible goals and even wish lists or dream items at times. Quotes, thoughts and words that inspire me or challenge me also get written down but too often those scraps of paper get lost in the process. I often spend too much time hunting for what I have saved which distracts from the effectiveness of having written things down.

Despite the lack of a vision board, I do like to surround myself with things and pictures that inspire creativity, offer beauty and encourage me to dream, hope, smile and have faith. I glance up from typing this piece and see the word dream, little rocks with words like hope, believe, smile, wisdom and faith carved into them and photos from our trip, and artwork by people I know.
But this week I took up the challenge and made a vision board to remind me of my goals, dreams and things that are important to me. What does this vision board include? What valentine would it bring?

This valentine would obviously bring me stories. They are such a key component of what I do and want to do more of. Several personalized bookmarks, designed by my friend Mable Elliott, remind me that everyone has a story. I can help them learn how to preserve the memories and tell the stories well. Listening to their stories will help them have an audience. These beautiful bookmarks also remind me of reading which I love to do for enjoyment and to keep learning – words also recorded on the vision board.

The background on the vision board is another valentine. The language of music soothes my soul, uplifts my spirits and simply adds to a creative mood. I gives me a chance to be encouraged as I listen to the words of gospel songs and old hymns. Music just brightens any day.

Laughter and smiles are another valentine brought to focus by the vision board. A smile can help encourage anyone and laughter is good medicine. They can bright our day and we can use them to bring a spot of joy or hope to someone else as well. Pass along the brightness and smile.

Words are powerful pieces of our everyday lives. They can pull us down or build us up. The words on my vision board are encouraging ones that come as yet another valentine surprise. Words like family, friends and faith hold deep meaning. I know that at times family and even friends can cause hurts and drag us down but I love to preserve the memories and the lessons learned along the journey of good times and bad too. My faith helps me enjoy the good times and overcome the messes, turning them into messages of hope.

There are other words such as dream big, keep learning, coaching, stories and inspire that encourage me. I did not include any quotes and yet I know there are so many that would have been able to add to this visual, valentine representation of where I am and what might come next as I continue to tell the stories and preserve the memories while helping others to the same.

There is one final valentine that is reflected by the words, ‘Take time to explore’. These simple words remind me that I need to take the time to explore and play with creativity. I need to take time to explore as I keep learning. Taking time to explore possibilities will help dreams of more of the storytelling in all its aspects become realities.

When I finished this time of playing with collage, colours and thoughts, I sat the vision board valentine on my desk under the word “dream” and the “Footprints” poem to remind me of my faith. Across the top I placed a reminder with hand lettering done by a writer and artist, Shelly Hitz, which reminds me to Start Today. Each day I can enjoy the fact I am living my vision of speaking, writing, storytelling and coaching. Yet as I want it to grow and be more I know I need to take one step at a time which means just start – today – not wait for tomorrow or a perfect set of circumstances.

Yes, at times my desk looks so cluttered I wonder how I get any work done and yet like my stories, each piece reminds me of bits and pieces of what I do and what I still long to accomplish. I have pretty things like a high heel shoe that says walk by faith, a globe to remind me of the vastness of the world and yet the similarities of each person’s needs and artwork and photos full of memories of the people and places they represent. Yes the small board I worked on holds things specific to my vision but so do all the other parts it sits beside.

I will keep telling the stories, helping others gather and share their own stories and I will start today to increase the fun of what I am already doing today.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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