Navigating My Intuition

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Through the years I have learned something about receiving intuition: When you run fear in your body you cannot get any clear guidance. It’s like a switch-off button for your intuition. It seems there isn’t enough room in your body to hold both energies at the same time, the turmoil of fear and the clarity of intuition.

I have also learned that a “Yes” can appear in a number of ways, such as:

  • When I have an idea and I get confirmation that it’s the right path, I can get a warm burning sensation in my torso, goosebumps or tingling.
  • When I lean back to ask my intuition whether I am right or not, I often get a clear Yes or No.
  • Sometimes there is just clarity. Then the information is right in front of my mind’s eye with all obstacles or other information pushed off the stage and there is calmness and certainty all around.
  • Other times the knowing is more body-related. That’s when there is a gut feeling, just a deep knowing sensation in my abdomen.

The one commonality all of these ways of receiving intuition have is what I call “The Charge”. It’s hard to explain with words what it feels like. The best analogy I can come up with is a circuit that finally is closed so there is power running through my body that wasn’t there before. Intuition comes with this charge, that’s how I know.

The one thing that’s most important in order to get information intuitively is it’s best for me to lean back, relax, not force it and not fear that I will not get it. This state is both not wanting and not resisting in one. Surely then it will come, sometimes fast; sometimes it creeps in slowly, but it always comes when I need it!


This week’s homework:

What’s your intuition’s tell-tale sign?




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