My To-do List for Today

 In Consciously Woman

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing

Good morning!

The clouds look like they are resting today, giving Mr. Sun a chance to come out and play again.

Today I’m taking a message from the sky and resting. I have been working hard the last month, discovering patterns, stepping out of my comfort zone and welcoming the darkness, bringing it to the light.

Today my body has said, I want to lead you somewhere else, which requires a little rest to get us there. I am shutting out the outside world (besides my music) and honouring the emotions the Pisces moon is bringing me.

When we begin to listen to our intuition, there can be this amazing surge of energy. It’s like you can see the puzzle more clearly, and the pieces start to float into place. Then comes a time when your intuition presents rest and stillness. This might feel foreign like you’ll be working against the grain. Fear can arise, often for me, it presents its self like doubt. Thoughts that say ‘I don’t want to lose momentum. You haven’t done enough to earn rest.”

Then I remember I am cyclical, and that part of my pattern Im breaking is burn out.

If my intuition asks me to rest, it’s because there is something there for me to learn, see or experience. Often it’s for my human experience to catch up to my spiritual experience. Creating space for integration, and teaching my body we dont need to burn out in order to feel accomplished.

At times it may feel like we’ve lost our intuition when this happens. We begin to search in the dark for it. If we stop and listen we can feel it still there, whispering, ‘just relax.”

Today I’m honouring the art of doing nothing, listening to my body and my intuition.

Where is your intuition leading you today?

And so it is.



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