In the Moment of Each Other’s Company

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Valentines Day, a day to celebrate the love we have for one another by sending love notes and small gifts. I had to actually research the meaning behind Valentines Day and where it stemmed from. It’s interesting, it dates back to Roman times. Where a Catholic martyr St. Valentine, was sentenced to jail after he illegally married couples because he believed in the importance of love, against the Emperor’s wishes, to devote their life to only Rome. St. Valentine was then sentenced to jail and legend says that while imprisoned the priest cared for his fellow prisoners as well as his jailer’s blind daughter. It states that he actually cured her of blindness, and his final act before being executed on the day of February 14th, he wrote her a love letter signed “from your Valentine.”  The practice of sending love messages developed into people sending beautiful hand made cards and written love notes to their loved ones.

Every year, I make sure that I have something special for my loved ones. I get them a cute and sappy card, chocolate and usually a small gift. It definitely feels so amazing to receive something special from the person you love. Let’s be honest here, I am a HUGE fan of fresh flowers. They are my favourite gift to receive. Having a bouquet on my counter just brightens my day. It reminds me of spring, warmth, birds, fresh air, all the beautiful things that nature has to offer. As you know, we are smack dab in the middle of winter. It’s freezing outside. It has been -18°C for the last couple days and we’re beginning to go stir crazy. We woke up this morning to an inch of fresh fluffy snow. Even though it has been sunny and beautiful it’s not quite the same as being outside feeling the warmth of the sun. It has given me the itch to travel.

Visionary Valentine, could you please bring me warmth??? Sunshine? Sand between my toes? Maybe a beer in my hand? 😉 Is this beginning to feel like a song? LOL  I can picture myself laying on the beach, if I close my eyes I can feel the warmth on my skin, I can hear the waves of the ocean and smell the salty, sea air. It’s intoxicating. There is just something amazing about being by the ocean. Soaking up the vitamin D, slowly draining the winter blues from my system. My family and I have the opportunity to take a tropical vacation almost every year, we are truly so grateful to be able to sneak away. The best part about it, is we get to spend all our time together, just as a family. Step away from the busyness of everyday life and live in the moment of each other’s company.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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