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This was a hard one for me. At first, I thought, well I don’t know if I’m actually an expert in anything? I thought that that would mean for me to have mastered something. And for this to be true, I believe that no matter what it is, I don’t think I could ever completely master anything because there is always room to grow and learn. For example, hairdressers are always growing and learning, new techniques, styles, products, it’s a never ending school. So I looked up the definition to get a little inspiration.


I may be good at cooking and baking. Camping and fishing. Cleaning and laundry. Running, dancing, singing. I may be a good mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter and auntie. I may be an amazing hairdresser or hockey mom. I may be a good writer, personal shopper, or therapist. I might be motivational or inspirational. But when it comes to expertise I would have to say…

I am an expert at loving.

For my whole life, I have always been someone who has loved fully. Anything that is a part of my life, has a connection and holds a special place in my heart. Whether it be a place that I love, a person, an animal. I am an expert at loving the ocean, the way it smells, sounds, the gentle mist that comes off it. I am in love with quotes because they explain our feelings that we sometimes have a hard time putting together with words. And when I fall in love with something, I share it. I spread it around in hopes of creating an even bigger love. I am head over heels in love with my family. I am an expert at being a mom, even though it’s a never-ending journey of surprises. I learn to pick up the pieces of errors and transform them into lessons. I am a teacher. I teach my children how to love. How to be compassionate human beings. How to treat our pets and care for them. How to love our home, our vehicles, our clothes, clean water, and healthy food. I am a shoulder to cry on, the one who will listen and give advice. For me, it’s easy to love. It’s becoming an expert at self-love that has been the challenge.

This is a journey, a road that I have recently taken. It was something that I didn’t even realize was being neglected. Loving myself has been harder than I thought it would be, because I am one who always looks for reassurance from other people. Letting go of that and accepting that I am good enough has been a huge lesson for me. Remembering that putting myself first is essential to my own happiness. Putting my needs before others, and focusing on the things that make me happy. Accepting help when it is offered. A compliment, a hug, a friendly gesture.

One day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time… I will get there.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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