Looking Out a Big Window at the World

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Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

As I write this post today on a family visit in Niagara Falls, the rain that started in the night has eased to a gentle mist, although the clouds still appear heavy and full as if they have more water to drop to the earth. The gloomy skies hint at coolness, but a quick journey outside to take a granddaughter to work offers a pleasant surprise. My light jacket needs only to keep me dry, not warm too.

I love rainy spring days. They wash away the grime and snow mould of winter while offering moisture to the earth, preparing it to don its summer garb of green and colour. These gentle rains remind me of a shower washing the earth clean. I appreicate these, as I do not enjoy the booming thunder and flashing bolts of lightning that can accompany rainstorms.

The robins are out in this mist hunting worms. The squirrels brave the rain to scamper across the lush green lawns and up the trees where tiny leaves have begun to unfurl. Early flowers give nods of colour to the landscape. Looking out at the damp world of spring rains, I see nature beginning to dress in her summer finery when she shows off her vibrant colours and rich green hues.

One of my favourite activities to do on rainy days like this one, or even during a heavy thunderstorm, is to watch the rain drip from the leaves and off the trees. I enjoy seeing kids out splashing in the puddles but rarely join them anymore. Puddles draw us in, pulling out our inner child longing to stomp through them to watch how big the splash can be, hear the squish of the water on our boots and smile in anticipation of the next puddle to wade through.

With age I now enjoy looking out a big window at the world being washed clean, looking for the birds and animals enjoying the wet refreshment. You can almost see the leaves pop out more, the spring plants open a new bud into full bloom, or the green lawns become taller.

When I tire of the scene I curl up with a warm blanket or draw a sweater tight and lose myself in the pages of a good story. Hours can pass as I listen to the soft pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof or hitting the window. The song changes and gets a new dimension when they plink off something metal like a car roof or downspout or even a camper at the lake in the summer.

Rainy days of spring are good soup days. I am not a coffee or tea drinker, however, a steaming cup or bowl of soup rich with fragrant spices to tickle the senses can warm me from the inside out on rainy days.

April showers to bring May flowers — or summer rains to cool the heat of the day — give me time to pause and enjoy the damp refreshment of the rain while warm, dry, and safe at home curled up with a good book, a hearty cup of soup, and family close by. Of course, having a bit of chocolate to sweeten the deal does not hurt either. I think while raindrops keep falling outside, a fun fiction book calls my name just begging me to get lost within its pages.

Enjoy whatever rainy day activity draws you while you marvel at the beginning of a new season full of possibilities.

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