Live With a Loving Heart

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I think you may already know what it is that I want: love. I just want for every single person to live with a loving heart.
I know with every part of me that this is possible because at some time in our lives we have experienced it.
Maybe not with another person, maybe not with ourselves, but we have loved a song. We have loved a place, a moment, a fleck of something, anything.

I went to a workshop with my mom last year. It was called “Belief Repatterning”. The lady teaching the workshop had one of us volunteer and stand up in front of the class. The volunteer had her back turned towards us and with her arms out each side. The instructor cued us to think of love when she rose her hand, and when she lowered her hand we would think of sadness. We watched, and as the audience changed our mindset, the volunteers’ arms would raise and droop.

This is the effect, just our thoughts have on other people, on our surroundings. It’s absolutely incredible! We are essentially made of energy, and I know that energetically love is the highest vibration.

Imagine if, every single person on this earth, all at a one given time, gave loving thoughts? What would happen? This is my dream for this big beautiful world. For people to live in peace — without sickness, without hate, without hurt, without judgement. It would be heaven on earth. It’s a big wish I know, but it begins with each and every single one of us.
We are all one in the same, just living different lives, but we are capable of loving, it’s our purpose.

How do I love? I begin with myself because I believe that it’s the base of my being. Without loving myself how do I teach others? I accept myself, as I am, I let go of clouded judgement, I release the past, I don’t hold grudges, I forgive and I accept. Just by taking care of me, I am already giving off the loving light. It becomes easier to love what’s around me, to see the stars in the darkness and to look for rainbows in the rain.

It all begins with one single thought. Find that thought, that one moment that you have felt the most love in your life, and carry it with you.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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