Like a Tree

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier, Immersion Coaching


Remember how I talked about being boldly grounded in what is right for your life without the need to explain when I was describing how to live loud last week? I want to dive deeper into that today.

When I talk about being boldly grounded I think of a woman who ponders and reflects deeply about her life. This allows her to come to her own conclusions about what is right and what is wrong for her personally. This may take time, but it is time well invested, as she does not need to sway to outside influences later. She knows what she needs and wants and she knows her why. There is no need to look for external wisdom; her decisions are coming from inside of her, from her own growing discernment.

She is willing to accept her responsibility in life, even eager to exercise it, for she is aware of her power lying in her capacity to make her own choices and standing in them firmly. She has learned that everyone is responsible for him- or herself and that it’s neither helpful nor healthy to take on somebody else’s responsibility. Every human came into this existence to have experiences and to learn from them. Taking on other people’s responsibility and their decisions is ridding them of their potential for learning and growth.

At the same time she knows that she cannot delegate her opinion forming either. She has grown into the understanding that having the need to explain her decisions shows her depending on the approval of others. Sometimes it is even her being co-dependent, as if her well-being is uncompromisingly intertwined with that of the people around her. That’s when she isn’t sure that she as well as her decision-making is good enough.

What is true for her is also true for everyone else. Therefore the prerequisite of being boldly grounded in herself is allowing others to make their own decisions any which way they consider correct for them without requesting any explanation. We’re here to support each other, not to give our blessing to other people’s decision or even to relieve them of them.

Like a tree she is well-rooted in herself firmly standing her ground, while at the same time being flexible enough to have her branches interact with the world around her.


Be firm; be flexible; be yourself!



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