Let Her Speak

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


You know the drill. You feel fulfilled. Everything is going fine on the outside: hubby, kids, school, job, business, or whatever else is part of your life. Yet there is something out of balance inside of you. It might show up in your body, your emotions or your mood, just to name a few places.

Trying to mind-wrangle this situation might be our initial reaction, but rarely helps. Instead it is going inward, being present in the body and letting the inner voice, the inner child speak that leads the way to what is needed to dissolve the block to internal balance. As the inner child is allowed to speak, she can present the next action steps. She often does so lovingly and with humour, making oneself wonder how funny she can be when you actually listen.

When you actually listen. Why don’t we more often? Maybe we feel like she’s standing in our way to manage our adult lives effectively, when in reality it is her intention to bring fun and lightness back in order for things to go smoother and easier. It’s not just men who still carry their inner boys around. Let’s tune into our inner girls and listen to what they have to say!


This week’s homework:

How is your inner child communicating with you?


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