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I can close my eyes and picture this…
I am curled up in a small wicker chair, with a comfy cushion beneath me. Wrapped in a soft, woven blanket with slippers on my feet. I am grasping a steamy hot cup of fresh coffee. It is a cool fall morning. As the sun rises and peaks up over the mountain, the light dances across the top of the lake, creating a beautiful blanket of glitter. The birds are chirping, and there’s a crackling fire next to me. I close my eyes and take a deep cool breath. It’s perfect.

My vision: to live in a home by the lake.

As you drive your car up to our home, you travel on a long, paved driveway. Fruit trees are on either side, shading the road. There’s a wooden fence that borders the driveway and the edge of our property to allow my daughter’s horse to roam and graze. Our home is beautiful. The roof is peaked in some areas, there is natural rock masonry, clean trim, and rustic wood that gives our home a modern feel. We have flowers at the front under the windows giving it colour, and bright green grass all around our home.

We live in town, just a few blocks away from the kid’s school, so they are able to bike or walk to school. Our property is not exactly beach front, but from the back deck you have a clear view of the water, and a short walk down you are right at the lake. We love to spend time in the summer down at the beach, swimming and soaking up the rays. The kids love to walk along the train tracks and sometimes even find neat little trinkets. They often spend time fishing off the shore, and are getting very good at it. In the evenings we enjoy dinner out on the deck, as the sun sets behind us, it is cool enough to sit outside. We see the boats out on the lake, chasing the sun to the last minute.

During the winter we walk down and clear a patch of ice, to make a hockey rink for the kids (and even the husband ;)). Many hours are spent shooting pucks and playing games, as all the neighbourhood kids and dads join in. We build fires on the ice, and have hot chocolate to keep warm when it gets really cold. We also ice fish! One of our favourite winter sports! We have little derby’s – the winner takes home a homemade trophy and bragging rights! We skate along the White Way, which is cleared every year on the lake for anyone to use.

This vision is created from a dream, one that my husband, myself, and my kids all share. We already have one foot in the door, as last year we had the unbelievable opportunity to purchase a 3.5-acre property right in town. At the moment we have our current home up for sale, and are waiting to put our dream into action.

But, it all started with “I have a dream…” and here we are!

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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