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I would love to have the ultimate secret to success, but I believe that what helps make me successful in reaching my goals may change as I grow, learn and change. As each year draws to a close I spend time reflecting on what has transpired during the past twelve months before moving on to the blank slate awaiting me – a new year, new calendars, new possibilities and new memory-making opportunities. Looking at memories, completed projects, and times of laughter helps to push the negative, internal monkey voices to the background.
When I journal these positive reflections of the year I am bidding goodbye to, I also make a list of works in progress to help me set new goals to work towards.

My intentions for 2019 include completing several bigger writing projects, continuing to write short pieces and submit some of them to various publications, blog posts or simply send to family. I want to capture the stores flitting about in my mind, set them to print and share them with others.

To accomplish this list of writing goals I need to quit procrastinating the editing, the writing and the process of sharing them with others. I find to-do lists helpful and deadlines as well. Therefore I plan to have some self-imposed deadlines added to the to-do list in order to focus my work habits in a better fashion – make the goals smarter in the time management area.
I had a brainstorming session with another author who also likes lists and deadlines. She gave me some helpful tips to prioritize my works in progress in light of any and all obligations I have, such as writing for Consciously Woman each week, my programs for Hope Stream Radio and a weekly blog I contribute to. This gives me a great visualization of what I need to have done by a specific time and what I can realistically add in to the timeframe.

Yet the writing is only one aspect of what I do and who I am. The storytelling also takes an oral format. I love speaking to groups of all ages. I need to let people know I am available in case they are looking for a speaker. This involves marketing –something I find easy to procrastinate about. In 2019 I need to take hold of the fear, grab the opportunity and give out marketing material I have made up or am working on with a friend.

I believe it is important to use my gifts and abilities to enrich the lives of others, encourage those who find themselves in one of life’s tough spots and help people find their voice and work towards their fullest potential through mentoring.

I will schedule in writing and editing time five days a week, let people know what I am working on for some accountability and impose deadlines on my works in progress as if they were submission deadlines as a way to offer myself a kick in the seat of the pants to keep working on telling the stories, preserving the family memories and helping others along the way.

As I look at my to-do list, I know I need to practice some self-care too. I want to seize opportunities to make memories with family and friends. To do this I must remain aware – live in the moment, be flexible and enjoy the journey of life I am on, knowing that each day’s plans could change at a moment’s notice and that is okay as long as I do not let the challenges and changes derail the vision of using my gifts and abilities to tell the stories and preserve the memories.

Happy New Year!

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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