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Hi, and welcome everyone, my name is Krystle. Please know that you are going to fall in love with this beautiful circle of women. You are going to get so deep within yourself, and learn so many new things that you haven’t realized before. It’s powerful and inspiring.

My dream is to be a motivational speaker, and the author of a top selling book! I have only shared that with one other person, as I have a hard time opening up and showing the “real me”, which I think comes with the fear of being judged. I am on a new journey to create better confidence within myself, to step out from the dark and allow my light to shine brightly. I have had many beautiful moments in my life. I always had an amazing circle of friends; I am the one who likes to be friends with everyone. I never want to rub anyone the wrong way,  which has gotten me into trouble in the past because I am “too soft.” I graduating high school with honors and went on to become a certified cosmetologist, graduating at the top of my class. I have worn many different hats in my life, from babysitting, to hotel cleaning, to managing a bakery and deli at a local grocery store, to working at one of the top salons in the valley as a hairdresser.

But, nothing has been more rewarding or fulfilling than to be a stay at home mom, raising my two beautiful children. This was always one of my dreams – I married my high school sweetheart, and we live happily in the beautiful Columbia Valley.

My life has also had some not-so-good moments, but I feel that they are all apart of my journey to becoming more true to myself. The hardest part for me, is when I think I have it all together, and I get thrown a curve ball I didn’t see coming.  My whole world, as I know it, comes crashing down, and I am left to learn a lesson and to rebuild. I am learning to break down my walls, I am trying to relearn who I actually am, and discover my path – this is a big one for me. When I became a mom, I did just that. I put my whole self into it, forgetting about myself as an individual. One day my brother asked me, “what are the things that you love to do, that make you happy?” I was stumped. I hadn’t ever thought about it, I didn’t take the time to do them, and now, here I am relearning.

I love the sunshine, it makes me feel warm and light. I love Christmas, white winters, and watching the snow fall. I love the beautiful mountains and trees which surround me. Fresh flowers on my kitchen counter. The ocean is my calling and I try to go at least once a year. We love to travel and experience new spaces.We camp a lot in the summer, unplugging and escaping from the busyness of regular life. I love our cabin, and spending as much time there as possible. I love fishing, campfires, and staying up late in the summer just to see the stars. I love music and singing, and watching movies every Sunday afternoon with my kids. I love my family and spend a lot of time having gatherings with friends. I love people and their experiences, as everyone has a story to tell, and I love learning what made them become who they are today. I love cuddles and hugs. I love my pets (or you could call it a mini-farm). I love to cook, bake, and have anything to do with being in the kitchen; I often dream about what opening my own restaurant or coffee shop would be like.

Being in a position to share myself with the world has become my new path. I don’t do it for the attention or recognition. I do it because it allows me to to be vulnerable, to break down those old walls hiding my true self. I want to inspire someone else that being true to ourselves is truly the best way to live. And in this new journey, I am growing.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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