Je t’aime!

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Before leaving for home after visiting some friends in Switzerland last weekend, I went browsing a store with its books, framed pictures, jewellery etc. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific, I just wanted to look around. They had Willow Tree figurines by Susan Lordi. To me they always express human emotions in a very unique and delicate way. I love that about them and I had already bought some a few years ago. There was one I was interested in, but a friend I was travelling with came looking for me to let me know we had to leave soon. While I do love those figurines, I only buy them when they speak to me. I want them to have deep meaning for me. In that moment, I just didn’t have enough time to see whether I really wanted it or not.

At home I had a phone conversation with a friend. As I shared with her that I had taken a look at the Willow Tree figurines in this Swiss store, she excitedly exclaimed: “Oh, I love them, too!” and went on to share about one of her favourites: a woman figurine in an elegant white dress decorated with hearts and flowers and doves holding a red heart in her hands. It was exactly the one I had studied in the store! We talked some more about loving the fact that these figurines don’t have a face making them a perfect canvas for the imagination of the beholder, when she said: “Oh wow, they are on Amazon for a really good price, it seems they’re on sale today!” So while we talked about everything and anything for quite some time, I went online and looked at several different ones of those figurines, but no, I had to have the one I had seen at the store. It was perfect for me. Its title was Je t’aime. I love you.

Now it stands on my desk reminding me to cultivate my self-love, to keep my heart safe, and to take good care of myself. Just now, I put it next to the first figurine I had bought. I see the differences between them and see those differences resembled in the way I was when I bought the first figurine years ago compared to the way I am now, today. Again, they speak to me!

I really enjoyed the synchronicity in this story; it made my heart smile. It made me feel loved and taken care of. My need for this figurine in my life was met in a way I hadn’t anticipated. And to top it off, as I prepared a tea to drink while writing I used one that has a message on the little paper thingy you pull the tea bag out with. Guess what it said? “Lasse die Dinge zu Dir kommen”. Let things come to you. This beautiful figurine came into my life; I am excited to see what else will come if I just let it!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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