It’s Summer!

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier

It’s a time when anything seems possible. The days are warmer and longer. So much can happen in a season in which the temperatures allow our living space to enlarge by all of the outdoors. There is more life; in nature, in yourself and on the streets. Even this year it comes with a lightness and also with a new normalcy, if not for long then at least for a few months that are made to be soaked up and stored up for the darker times.

So what are you creating this summer? As per usual here are some ideas if you haven’t made up your mind yet:

  • Having a BBQ with family and friends in your garden with everybody bringing his or her summer favourites
  • Curling up on the couch or in the bed on a rainy day and catching up with your ever-growing library of good books
  • Going out for dinner, maybe even for the first time in a long time, and really celebrate the luxury of food that was prepared just because you ordered it
  • Consciously soaking up sunshine through your skin to build up storage in your soul for those long winter night
  • Picking your own produce at an orchard or in lieu of that in your garden and enjoying the freshness you can get nowhere else
  • Doing some plein air painting to preserve the memory of unforgettable summer moments
  • Eating a watermelon the best way ever by not caring about the juices running down your neck as you know it will all wash off with your next jump into the pool
  • Sitting on your windowsill or your porch watching a summer storm roll in and doing nothing but watching out for the next lightning striking and counting down the seconds until you hear the thunder
  • Running through the sprinklers or having the biggest water fight ever, with or without kids and no matter what the neighbours might think
  • Going some place completely new and unknown and discovering your new favourite picnic spot

Whatever you decide enjoy, really enjoy!

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