Weekly Discussion Summary: It Was About the Opportunity to Shine

 In Consciously Woman

Ladies, this was an incredible week. It may even have been our best week ever together. Who knew that bragging would be the chattiest of conversations we’ve ever had?! Very fun.

As I am tying up this week’s call topic in my mind, the thing that stands out the most is how none of us are apt to brag, feel pretty uncomfortable actually, and yet the conversation was so lively and engaging. That definitely says a lot about not only how good it feels to be in and with our own awesomeness, but also our ability to push past the shyness and show up fabulous. So often we are either not aware of our greatest gifts, or we are sort of embarrassed to share it. There are so many reasons for that, indeed, but this week’s call was all about creating a stage where none of that mattered, or inhibited us. It was about the opportunity to shine.

A brief comment here: we actually did the shining; we did not just simply talk about it. I’m a stickler for the application of these memerific meanderings.

One amazing feature of this topic – bragging – is how we do not always recognise what we are, or are doing, as something fabulous. Nor do we require the acknowledgement or the approval. We are not necessarily seeking the attention. We are more focused on the being and the doing, that is feels good, natural. THAT is something to brag about. That is self-actualisation.

Bringing those things to light for each of us, and then sharing them, not only felt amazing, but also allowed us to see those same “things” in ourselves. The conversation was like firecrackers in this way, igniting one after the other, and then shooting all over the sky. A total celebration.

And a few of us had this energy spread into our daily lives outside of this conversation (our real lives ha!) to create more freedom of expression and also confidence. Hearing you Ladies report the same things that I was feeling in this regard, makes me want to brag about us!

“Society” creates our collective low self-esteem with its advertisements, its products, its trends. Dove Soap has “diagnosed” the rampant low self esteem we women collectively hold, how society creates that, and we accept that disease as our normal and unconscious victim-state. Conscioulsy Woman, however, together we have created the cure via this incredible woman’s culture we are spearheading. This exact conversation where we support each other’s biggest selves and make the comfort in THAT self, is absolutely the way out of the hole that is created by low self esteem.

Nice work Ladies. We. Are. Awesome.

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