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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Plans for creating a new year were big in the last few weeks, naturally. I have creations on my mind, too. How about you?

Do you feel the urge to create something? Do you have concrete plans? Or is it still there in the unclear phase?  Maybe you don’t even exactly know yet what it is you want to create at all. That is perfectly fine, too. There is a phase of creation where you’re sitting in the dark. You feel it, but you’re unable to pinpoint it just yet. Never underestimate the importance of that period. Creation requires many things, one of which is patience.

Starting something new tends to come with pangs of self-doubt. We wonder whether we’re (good) enough to set out to follow our dreams. Do we have the skills and the training it takes? Do we have the credibility to do it? Will we outgrow our community by being successful? What if they will dislike us for thriving? Don’t let yourself be disillusioned by the things around you or the questions within you, rather count your blessings. Become aware of what you already have in your life and all the things you have created so far. Use the time to lay the foundation your creation can rest on.

This process is much like a pregnancy. You may wish to have a child, but you cannot force yourself to become pregnant. Rather it starts with a process of preparation. You take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to create balance. That way you are open for what comes your way. Then there’s the developmental phase, in which your new creation grows within you while still hidden from the world and somewhat even from yourself. You have to wait and you might wonder:

“Will I be good enough to take care of this new life? Am I prepared? What will other people think of me as a mother/creator?”

You may even become tired of being in this state wanting to end it on your terms, but if you hold out and wait for the natural timing soon you will receive the reward for all your patience, hard work and labour: an image of your own incredible-ity in this new creation you will fall in love with!



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