I’m a Hot and Creative Intuitive

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich im Sein


Wow, it was amazingly hard to come to this statement for this week’s topic. It is even harder to write it for you to read this. I want to shy away from it as it feels like I am claiming something that I’m not or that it is too daring to say such a thing. But let me tell you how I got to this claim.

I am hot: hot not necessarily in the sense of sexy, though there are worse compliments, right? Hot in the sense of fierce. I am a fiery woman with a passionate heart and when I dress accordingly—when I show the world who I am through my outfit, my hair and my make up I feel strong and amazing (and hot!)—I feel like I can conquer the world.

I am creative: all my life I have loved creative endeavours. I have put them on the back burner at times, but they always came back. When I don’t give myself any creative output for a while I start getting unsatisfied. At first, I might not really be able to tell what’s wrong, but somehow it always becomes clear that creativity is the missing link to my declining contentment. It simply gives me life to express myself that way.

This week, I created the habit of taking a walk with a bag filled with a sketchbook, a box holding different pencils, an eraser, and my water bottle. So when I went for a walk I was always on the hunt for a place in the sun to enjoy every single beam of sunshine before winter hits and any nice objects to sketch on the go. I just came home from one of those walks. It is so satisfying to come back filled with the energy of the sun and with a few new sketches in my pocket. Both make me enjoy those last few days of fall ever more so. I take it all in and I can come back to those sunny days by flipping through my little book!

I am intuitive: I’ve known that I have a strong intuition for a while now. By now I have come more and more to live in harmony with it. What I mean by that is that I try my best to notice and honour this power in my life, to trust it and take care of it. It shows up as knowing my neighbour will come knocking at my door soon or knowing what foods my body needs right now or having an inkling how to help somebody heal etc. It is a force to be reckoned with and yet it needs to be cultivated and protected at times. I love when it shows up; I might even say it makes me happy!

So here I go again: I am a hot and creative intuitive and I love that. The last few years have shown immense change, all in favour of these three amazing traits I carry. It took bravery and endurance, but boy does it pay off in everyday life!

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