I Know Your Heart

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My superpower is my eyes. The inner, and the outer. The third eye, the physical sight and the knowing from deep in my soul. I see you. I feel you. I see through the layers you have used for protection. I see the beauty in your story, your voice, your life. I see the beauty in your pain, doubt, fear, joy, generosity. I see you and I love you. All of you. I read between the lines. I feel the subtle layers. I know who you really are. I know your heart.

The ironic thing about a superpower is that it is so much a part of who we are that we begin to use it without any fanfare. We begin to organically develop it and fine tune it while not even noticing that this is our superpower, our secret sauce that we brought with us into this life time.  That is probably true for all of us. We don’t even recognize it as a superpower or as something to nurture and guard and grow…until we do. Before I understood what it was and how to use it responsibly, I had an experience while I was in my 20s. I looked into a woman’s eyes and I knew something about her, and I asked her a question. The short story is that it freaked her out because no one had this information and she spread the rumor that I was someone to be feared. I didn’t know how I knew or why it freaked her out so I shut down my superpower.

Twenty years later, when I was at a conference with strangers, I became aware of the superpower and how to use it. Several times that weekend, I was in a deep conversation with someone I had just met. They were sharing from their heart and I was listening with a deep focus, barely breathing, tuned in and feeling every word. At some point in the conversation, the person would stop mid-sentence and say to me, “You have incredible eyes.” I would thank them and ask a question to invite them to share more of their story, but they were mesmerized. “I have never seen anyone with eyes this color before. Wow. Beautiful. Really amazing.” Finally, they would begin to speak, and it was evident by the way they held eye contact, that something had been activated in this conversation.

There is a great responsibility to be aware of when our super power is revealed to us. It would be easy to take advantage of someone in the moment when I can see that the person is entranced by the gaze, entranced by the experience of being really present for someone. Or to be codependent and try to rescue someone from their pain. My superpower has taught me the experience of gratitude, appreciation, and humility in the knowledge that this is normal for me. This is the gift I was entrusted to use in service on the planet. Now, when someone stops mid-sentence and they say something about my eyes or they use the words, “You really see me,” I know that my super power is activated. I listen deeper and tune into my intuition. I turn up the presence and hold space unless guided to offer words. My intuition, knowing, and eyesight are working together. I know when to listen, when to speak, and when to shake things up!

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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