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Let go of old self-doubts and self-defeating habits. Know that your dreams are within your reach – you deserve it! -The House Fly, spirit totem

Last week, a woman who has been mentoring and coaching me for 30 years, sent me an email with an insight. When I read the insight and vision she saw for me, I said, “YES!” Tears sprang to my eyes, because I felt seen. Publishing my book, Heal My Voice: An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey, completed a 1000-piece puzzle of sorts, the culmination of 10 years focused on writing and healing my voice, in a community in which I lead, held, and participated. The words from my mentor were a clue. When I read them, I felt like I walked over to a closet filled with boxes of puzzles of possibilities, and I was waiting for that one piece in order to see the full image. Now, I know which puzzle to focus on – it is the beginning of a new adventure. Her words were so profound I could see how I was already in preparation, and I already have the first 100 pieces set in motion. All I need to do is stay focused and follow the breadcrumbs. It will come together in an amazing way. It may be different than the words she used because I can’t see it all right now, but it will have the same energy. I feel it. I know it.

I am not expecting it all to happen today. The new vision is here and I am open to guidance, insight, and next steps. I don’t have to figure it all out. I am surrendered and ready with open arms. I am ready to go on this ride.

So…do you want to know the vision?

Her words:

Andrea, it’s time to go back to college, but not in the way you may think.

As I read her words, I could see it: a college tour all over the United States and Canada with my book, Heal My Voice, and talk with college students about writing their stories, living in the mystery of life, riding the waves of adversity and challenge, and finding the joy and triumph in each day. Every story is a mini topic, and the talk could be adapted to things that are happening at each college. The stories arise from conversations about life experiences, with resources and tools to use in personal growth, and with reflective questions. It feels like taking my creativity center on the road.

I have already been preparing and laying a “field” with the release of my book on Instagram. Then, with a plan for Facebook LIVE, Instagram Videos, Sound Cloud Recordings, and Radio Shows beginning in late September. It is already in motion.


I am so fortunate to have amazing, inspiring, visionary people in my life. Long term friends and short-term interactions that come along at just the right time with insights, ideas, high fives, celebrations, congratulations, and people who share a puzzle piece. I am extremely grateful for community and for people who care. I feel so fortunate; I have never had to do this alone. I am always surrounded by the people and messages when it is time to hear them. I live in a co-creative Universe, as do you!

In this gratitude, it feels like the perfect time to share something with you. I am grateful for you and for this Consciously Woman community. You have been some of the high fives and inspiration in my life this year. Some of the posts I wrote in Consciously Woman over the past year became the final pieces of my book – a sentence, a paragraph, and the introduction for my book was carved from one of these posts. I reviewed the comments in the Consciously Woman Forum that were connected to those posts. I re-read your support and comments and I felt this wave of gratitude, as I knew which words to use to finish my book. I included that gratitude in the Acknowledgement section. Here is the paragraph where I thanked Adrienne Yeardye and the women who commented:

And finally, thank you to Adrienne Yeardye. It was in a community of women, called Consciously Woman, that I wrote the last few pieces of this book. Adrienne, thank you for creating a space for women to share their voices and lift each other up. The weekly questions and the opportunity to write and be seen provided a container and a practice that helped me stay connected to my words and go deeper. Thank you to the mentors in the community who read my words, reflected the value in the writing and for encouraging me to write more. You arrived at just the right time and I thank you! Krystle, Meghan, Sabine, Sherri, Melanie, Sandra, Collette and Lia.

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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