I Believe in Magic

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“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source – a Sower of Dreams – just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.”

~Sarah Ban Breathnach


I’ve always been the girl who believed that life was a magical, amazing place even though I have had many moments down on my knees, sobbing and asking, God, “Why me?”

Let’s start there. Yes, I have experienced loss of loved ones and some of my dreams have not come true and life has thrown me many challenges. I have had my share of disappointments. But, that’s not where it ends.

There is a deep core place inside of me that believes that we can make the world a better place, that we have everything we need and that every experience is here to teach us something. Life is a big university of higher education and I am willing to go on the ride. I am always evolving into an upgraded, better version of myself.

So, what are the elements of “I Believe?” What are the inner workings that support the magic? At the core, we are Magicians. You have incredible power inside of you. Magic takes practice, a systematic structure and cultivating your inner authority to know when to take action and when to wait. Believing requires a practice of trust and adding in the ingredients of willingness, courage, curiosity, patience.

Another ingredient is an overflowing bounty of signs, words, mantras that have been shared with me. I wrap my arms around them as my inspiration for Believing.

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you.” ~Sunday School in Dallas, Texas (1962)

“All you need is Love” ~Beatles (1967)

“The power is inside of you.” ~Nana Jackie (1968)

“Open a new window, open a new door, travel a new highway that’s never been tried before.” ~Mame, the musical (1976)

“There can be miracles, when you believe” ~Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Stephen Schwartz

“Infinite possibilities.” ~Michael Bernard Beckwith (2009)


During times of uncertainty or when I have fears and doubts, the questions sound like this: “Why can’t I trust life to support me? Why am I worrying that things will not work out? None of the worry or fear actually brings me good stuff and it actually takes me out of enjoying the present moment. Why can’t I just trust life to bring me my highest good? Why am I holding so tightly onto the details of life when I have so much proof that I am supported?”

During those times, I remember the signs and I make a list of evidence and proof. Magic in the past, helps me Believe in the present. I have had a pretty amazing, magical life. I have received some strong, intuitive thoughts and feelings that have led me to jobs, friends, homeschooling my kids, places to live and of course, 78 Jonas Brothers concerts with my daughter, Hannah.

So, let’s talk about evidence.

You have had an experience where something magical has happened. All of the pieces fell into place and things came together. A moment when you trusted the universe. You may even feel like you needed to pinch yourself, it was so amazing! Let’s try this now. Pause for a moment and tune into the past. Let your intuition remind you of an experience, a person, a moment in time when you felt trust. Listen. Remember it. Feel it in your body.

That moment becomes your talisman. The thing you use to remind you that you can trust the universe. You may even have an object that you can use as a touchstone. A crystal, a stone, something that fits in your hand and is easy to carry with you. Support yourself and remember.

Another way of building trust with the Universe and your inner guidance is to create space to wander. Once a week or once a month, whatever works in your schedule at the moment. Carve out time when you have open space. Sit and meditate. Ask for inspiration. Then, spend the day in flow (or an hour). Following one inspiration after another…

And finally, I ask myself this question: “Am I here to watch the movie of my life or am I here for the ride?”

Trust is a practice that leads you to: “Believing in Magic.”

I Believe.

I choose the ride.

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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