I Am The White Rabbit

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I am that woman who comes in, tries something new, invites people to go down the rabbit hole and stirs things up for seeking, learning and transformation. I like deep conversations and immersion. I ask questions. I am curious. I am willing to go first. I am willing to go last. I know how to hold space.

So, I use that energy in my business, to coach people in transition with grief, change, communication, desire and intimacy. I help them to design the life they want and to make consistent incremental changes over time. I am a writer, coach, author, and the founder of Heal My Voice, Inc. Using writing and other forms of creativity, I have created online writing programs for women to listen, discover, and explore their stories in community. Zoom calls for connection, secret Facebook groups, and daily writing prompts. The next one in June will explore innovation, miracle consciousness, and a 12 step foundation for transformation.

I have three grown daughters and a granddaughter. They all have a voice and are doing good in the world. Mary is the co-founder of Dramatic Adventure Theatre. Elizabeth is a Baltimore City High School English teacher in Special Education. Hannah is a recent graduate of UCLA and works at Riot Games as a Recruiting Coordinator for engineers.

I have lost a brother, son, and husband to illness, and used my own healing to teach others about Transforming Grief to Joy, and honoring the cycles of grief as a part of life. I hosted 44 internet radio shows over the holidays in 2010 and continue to re-post the shows over 44 days every holiday season.

I have been very interested in the shared economy and community connection all of my life. I grew up all over the United States, as a child, then lived in Baltimore, Maryland for 28 years before selling my house and all of my stuff to live in California for four years (2010-2014). Now, my mailbox is in Santa Monica, CA, a small storage unit in Los Angeles, and a small storage space at a friend’s house in Baltimore. For the last four years, I have lived in the homes of friends in Baltimore, Washington, DC, New York City, Sweden, Florida, Seattle, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I stay with them for weeks or months at a time, running my online business and participating in the daily household chores and activities, and pet sitting and coaching in exchange for free room and board. I become a part of the community, and work and play wherever I am. I am also a member of Trusted House-sitters. (As I write this, I am in Venice Beach for two weeks, hanging out with a little dog named Pedro and writing a book. The dog in the photo is my grand-doggie, Immy, Daughter Hannah’s dog).

Some of my adventures in 2018 include finishing and self-publishing three more books; exploring Everyday Innovation; leading an online community writing program over the summer; creating Study Guides for the first four Heal My Voice books; coaching; traveling the world as a house sitter and pet sitter; going to art museums, films and music concerts; deep conversations with friends around the world; and opening to the mystery of life by taking action when inspiration bubbles to the surface.

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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