How? Loud!

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Surely you have experienced that, too: other people posing probing questions concerning your life: “Why are you doing this? And why aren’t you doing that?” What do you do with those questions and how do handle the people asking them?

What would it look and feel like if you just gave yourself permission to be you and live out loud? With loud I don’t mean overbearing, self-centered or impolite. The loud I am talking about is rather boldly being grounded in what you feel is right for your life without the need to explain yourself.

Here are some thoughts on how to live that way:

  • In order to get the life you desire you need to know what that looks like. What is part of that life and what is deliberately missing? Daydreaming is often rejected these days as nonsense, inefficient or even a waste of time. Why then is it called “the life of your dreams”? Because it begins with dreaming. It doesn’t end there. It requires aligned action, but it definitely starts with dreaming.
  • Have you ever wondered what value there is in rejecting other people? Let me tell you: none! It isn’t news anymore that we’re all connected, nevertheless we aren’t always clear on the fact that rejecting another is rejecting yourself and vice versa. Judging another person’s actions and behaviours through our personal lens on life is not just disconnecting ourselves from them, it is literally giving away our energy.
  • As long as we expect others to change for our benefit we will never be self-reliant enough to create what we truly want. Life is not about asking others to change; it is about using our personal power to create it.
  • In order to be free to choose the life we want today we need to let go of some yesterdays. We need to forgive our old selves for what we didn’t know. We need to stop beating ourselves up for our past mistakes. Rather using them as stepping-stones and celebrating ourselves for every inch we climb upward is the way to go.
  • One very essential ingredient to living your way is personal responsibility. Despite it not always feeling like fun or easy to do, until we are willing to take full responsibility for everything that’s happening in our life we will not have full ownership of it either. So noticing where we reject responsibility in our lives is a crucial part of creating it more abundantly.


Living out loud may not happen at once, but as Aristotle said: “Excellence is not a singular act; you are what you repeatedly do.”

Dream big and live out loud!



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