High Five, Ladies! Thank you.

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On this journey to my health I had my fair share of colds, bladder infections, diarrhea, back pain, PMS, sensitivities of all kinds, headaches, etc. That makes a part of me wonder if I have the health stamina that my vision takes as it sees those symptoms as proof of “I am not strong enough.” which feeds my fear of failing at accomplishing my vision.

On the other hand I am aware of the fact that this block is an excellent way to keep me out of the unknown, and my mind is learning to interpret those symptoms differently: My body including my immune system are getting so strong they are able to get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore in order to get me ready for my vision. And sometimes that detox shows up as any of the above mentioned.

And then there are moments that that explanation just sounds too good to be true…


It’s not too good to be true, from here, it looks like you are overcoming various things and are all the better – in mind and body – for it! Keep on, keeping on!


Oh boy….I totally understand.  I have been dealing with the same at times.  It’s so tough to learn that these symptoms do not at all mean we aren’t strong enough.  We are never really taught that.  If you have already figured out that the body and mind are so connected and that those symptoms may actually be able to help show you the way or push you to do what you need to do for you then you are stronger than you think in my opinion and way ahead of the game.


I HAVE to jump in here. I’m like OOOH OOOOH MR. KAHTAH!!! All bustley.

Your body does these reactive things because it is strong, very strong!! I learned this experimenting on myself in Homeopathy school. To be brief, sensitive people have strong “over-reactions” because they have a strong vital force. I learned this by studying the effectiveness of remedies in me, during a series of acutes. A weak system does not have many “acutes” (cold and flu) because their immune system can’t be bothered.

Anyway, I love reading this thread. I was searching for a Why Not to solve, gots to get me the bonus round for this week’s topic. I hadn’t done that yet! This thread helps me to see that my Why Not “share” my Homeopathy information re: criticism and fear and stage fright and doubters and conflict… gawd, this cocktail of perceived politics I have made with my mind!

It is WAY more fun to empower the sensitive people. These are the people who come to Homeopathy for answers, not because they are searching for a “natural medicine”, but because they are really searching for a modality that takes them seriously. It’s suddenly less about the information I can give, but the strong people I can set free.

High five Ladies. That sets ME free.

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