Hands High! Touch the Sky! Get ‘Em UP!

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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Creatively Hip

I couldn’t help it…

My very favourite emoji is the one where the woman is waving, or throwing a hand up, or high fiving, whatever it looks like to you — with or without glasses. To me, it looks like how I feel when I text you hello. Total happiness!

I have a few other emojis that I use of course, but this one is my fave because it has become part of a little ritual between my friend and me in the mornings. It’s not just my fave emoji, this ritual is also one of my favourite expressions of friendship.

It started a couple of years ago. I was really struggling with the emotional weight of my Homeopathy practice, coupled with the stress of caring for my Grandfather. I’m especially sensitive in the morning, and I was finding that starting the day with conversations with patients who were ill was not just affecting my happiness, but also my Grandfather’s.

Compassionate exhaustion is a real thing, and I’d arrive every day after patient calls anywhere between irritable and numb. I wouldn’t have a happy story to tell him or thoughts to share; I couldn’t rally a conversation. Instead, I’d just complain about my day. After a few months of this, I could see it was starting to exhaust him too, and selfishly, I realised I was missing out on a sacred experience. He was an oracle’s oracle; his stories were way better than mine!

I’m not exactly sure how it came to be. My friend is very aware of emotional needs in general, and always keen to jump in with a solution or a suggestion. She suggested that she be my first point of contact each morning with a simple “Good Morning!” text. That way my first interaction would be a healthy one. It was amazing. Of course, I felt completely supported, but more than that, she held the space for me to meet my own happiness each morning. She always gives me her best, and every single morning to this day, she gives me the opportunity to give my best in return.

The “hands up!” emoji evolved naturally out of that interaction as a way to add something unique and different every once and a while. We have been doing this literally for years now, and it has developed into a sacred space – no logistics, no details, no questions. It’s a pure expression of love and friendship using only two words, an exclamation point, and of course, a wave – a blond one for me, and a brunette for her.

What started as a lifeline extended to me, has become the place where each morning, I start my day knowing who I am, and how I naturally meet this amazing life…

Avec big love.

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