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So we’re talking habits this week, particularly the habits that keep us connected to what we want to create in our lives. This ties in nicely with the belief I presented last week: I believe in change! I believe we can change situations and things we don’t feel satisfied with. We can do so by either changing the outside situation or thing or our internal reaction to it.

Self-reflection is a constant part of my life. I use it to navigate my life, to see where I need, yes, change. There is always something I am working on, something I am trying to improve. Habits are something I intentionally use to create the desired change in my life because I find turning an inspired action into a habit creates ease in the process of change.

Now let me tell you about my current awesomeness habit. I had shared it with you a few weeks back as we were talking about the daily perfection in our lives: celery juice!

I started drinking green smoothies years ago way before it became popular. I remember how often people at work gave me a funny look or even felt the need to comment on the half -liquidy green drink in my glass. Those smoothies fulfilled the same function as my celery juice does these days; it keeps me on track with the changes I want to make concerning my health.

It does so in several ways:

It is a health-promoting habit by itself. Celery juice creates amazing positive benefits when you drink it on an empty stomach every day. When I am starting my day with such a green and healthy habit it makes my body crave more greens and healthy foods, which helps adapt to a healthier lifestyle with more ease. I am not perfect with my healthy habits and like any human, I fall off the wagon, but the daily celery juice (or daily smoothie in the past) is what keeps me going in the right direction. It’s a bit what a safety belt is for a rock climber. It makes sure that once I fall I don’t fall all the way helping me to come back on track much quicker. It’s as if it binds me to my goal of creating good health.

Something else I understand about my awesomeness habits is that they themselves change with time, too. I used to be worried about that. Not anymore as I have learned that in order to keep me interested and motivated my habits sometimes need to adapt to my current life. For now, it’s celery juice; who knows what it will be in 6 months from now? In fact, it doesn’t matter as long as it brings me to where I want to go.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Glueklich Im Sein

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