Got Grass?

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Written by: Sumati Shah; Go Go Green Thumbs


Got Grass?  Umm, not the kind that was legalized recently, but that lawn stuff?  Yeah that.  If I put the whole thing on the compost pile, it’s way too stinky.  I myself don’t mind it all that much, but my husband curls his nose at it, and the backyard neighbours take issue too.  I can’t really blame them, but damned if I’m gonna throw out all that useful and free organic material to the curb every week!

I use small amounts of grass to mulch my vegetables, too.  Small piles around the base of plants in my vegetable and ornamental beds goes a long way to preventing moisture evaporation, which is a real problem in Southern Ontario, when the heat of summer arrives.  

I use my watering hose as sparingly as possible, and mulching with grass has ‘de-stressed’ my tomatoes. There is less cracking because they’re undergoing less ‘water stress’ – which is what happens when they dry too much between waterings. 

A little grass mulch goes a long way baby, and adding new every week is just perfect.  By the time the previous week’s mulch has dried up, it is ready for another layer.  I’m also creating new soil while making use of the organic waste created from cutting the lawn.

Kind of genius? I think so too!


Rule of Green Thumbs:  I have a bindweed problem in a couple of areas in my backyard, and so that portion of the lawn cuttings does still go to the curb. I definitely don’t want to risk spreading bindweed cuttings all over my garden! 

Happy gardening, everyone!


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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