Gather ‘Round, I Will Write You a Story

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At the end of each year, I like to take some time to reflect on what has transpired during the course of the last twelve months. I look at the memory-making moments, the challenges accepted and the goals I accomplished. The reflections include the detours of life, the projects not yet completed and also lessons learned in the process. After revisiting the past, I can move on to looking forward to what I hope might happen, what things I need to work on and realistic goals to set as I greet a brand new calendar year.

If I could paint a picture of the possibilities in the year ahead, it would need to contain representations of words and stories, family and friends, workshops and memory-making moments. The swirl of colours to show excitement, celebration would need to share space with quiet reflective moments to process learning, faith, and refocusing of energy. But I must paint all this with words and stories while finding time to quietly reflect and learn.

In looking forward, I see a continuation of projects waiting to be completed and stories yet to be shared. The ideas marching around my mind beg to be released into written form. Stories and lessons learned through life experiences need to be shared, some with family and friends while others need to go out into the world. A friend begged for the ending to a story I let her read the beginning of and yet I have made her wait for over a year. Now it is time to revisit the fiction piece and finish it during this coming year as well as its sequel, already written in rough. Why have I procrastinated when the story fascinates me? Maybe because birthing a piece outside my comfort zone also frightens me. I think of the journal cover my daughter designed for me which says, “She knew a story that wanted telling.” I know it is time to place fear where it belongs – in the past – and move forward with confidence or at least a semblance of it.



My files have so many short stories and meditation style pieces sit in various stages of edits, waiting to be finished and released so others can enjoy, be encouraged and maybe even have a chuckle or two from some of them. My goal for this upcoming year is to quit procrastinating, quit hiding in fear of finishing the started pieces and allow them to be completed. Where they will be available is still a work in progress and will be different with each piece I complete. But this year I need to create, to complete and to capture more ideas on to paper, then take the next step and share them with others.

Plans can change due to circumstances beyond our control. This means reworking our goals. No matter what circumstances happen during this coming year, I wish to take time to make more memories with my loved ones. Louisa May Alcott said, “Preserve your memories keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.” This resonates with me, not just to remind me to take that time to make the memories, whether little things or larger events, but to enjoy them and then capture them in photos and stories to help me remember them when memory dims with the passing of time. They will inspire stories to tell or write and remind me of the importance of special people in my life.

I see the tall orders I am giving myself, big goals to achieve, wonderful dreams and exciting possibilities all rolled into one as I look ahead to a new year unfolding. My greatest desire is to look back next December and know that I have seized the memory-making moments, used the gifts and abilities I have to enrich the lives of others and have shared stories and workshops that encouraged others and helped them reach their fullest potential even as I am reaching for mine.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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