Fairy World Magic

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

This Artist Date took me a bit by surprise. Let me tell you why. It was Election Day for the European Parliament last Sunday. I usually go vote in the afternoon and then take a little walk afterwards when the weather allows for it. As we had a warm, almost summer-like day I made a tour through the park nearby. It was so delightful as the green was luscious and beautiful! We talk about those parks being the green lungs of the big cities we live in; I could feel this to be true that day.

When I headed home I decided to sit on a bench I had never sat upon before, which started my Artist Date without me knowing beforehand. As I looked at the little pond in front of me I couldn’t believe my eyes: I had never seen this view before, despite all those years I had been strolling through this park regularly! To this day I don’t know what was different. Was it the fact that I had never sat on this bench before or had the green grown so differently this year? I just don’t know, but it looked so new and so refreshing!

As I sat there basking in this picturesque scenery, I noticed how this was exactly what I had needed. The green all around me was soothing my soul. I felt its calming and relaxing effects on my body. I saw yellow water lilies growing in the pond I had never noticed before. The trees seemed taller than I had ever realized on my walks, on which I would merely pass them by. Everything looked different, as if by sitting down on the bench I had magically entered into a fairy world!

After a while, I felt that it was time to get up and move on, as clearly as I had felt the green taking the stress off of me. Nevertheless, I decided to make a point to come back to the place many more times to reap the same results.

Besides the fact that this was a surprise Artist Date that just happened without any planning on my part, it also taught me something about perspective. How very different the world can look and how different an experience can be when I merely changed my perspective, both literally by e.g. the act of sitting down on a bench as well as figuratively by as in this instance just spontaneously taking the time to dive into this green fairy world. What a highly enjoyable surprise this was! And that’s exactly what I love about the habit of going on an Artist Date!

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