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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


After having planted my first ever garden last year I am expanding it this year and am totally thrilled.

I have never considered myself a gardener as I never found gardening to be any fun. Ripping out weeds, mowing the lawn and such things always sounded boring to me. Also, I never had luck with caring for plants. Nevertheless the desire to have a few of them and learn how to grow some of my own food was ever swelling in my heart in recent years, much without my doing.

I live in the city of Munich and I have a city garden, which means all I have is a little front yard that is used by everybody living in the house. I carved out my own little corner for gardening last year and through the additions of this year, I have three raised beds, two plant sacks, a planting tower and some planter boxes. Can you tell I’m going all out?

I supplemented the tomatoes, salads and a few herbs of last year with even more herbs, Swiss chard, red beets, kohlrabi, carrots, small radish, strawberries and my most favourite addition: a zucchini plant. Instead of all four of them being grafted tomato plants I also got myself two heirlooms this year, so I can grow them again next year from seed.

I wanted a bigger garden this year because I love the idea of becoming a little more self-sufficient in producing my own food. What made this possible though is the courage I gained from how well my last garden year went and realizing I can care for plants if I put my mind to it.

What a great analogy to life: It takes time for us to grow more daring in new things we try and adapt into our life. Yet as we keep at it we expand in our skills, abilities and confidence.



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