Emerging Artist

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


An artist takes in the impulses of the world around her and then allows herself to create something that is true to what she feels inside. An artist pays attention to the beauty of life and enjoys the process, the development of her art. An artist gives herself the space to touch up here and there if it pleases her better then what she has done before. An artist is free to express her creativity any which way she feels called to do and she is changed for the better by it. An artist decides what results she wants to create and finds a way to do so. There is a playful and light approach to life when seen and experienced through the eyes of an artist.

All of this and much more are the reasons why my 2022 intention is about becoming the artist of my life.


This week’s homework:

What result are you craving to create this year?




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