Don’t Keep Calm, ‘Cause You Just Won!

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I love surprises. Well, the good kind, you know what I mean. I guess that’s why I love fortune cookies and the tea brand that adds an inspiring message to each of their tea bags. (Also, in contrast to the fortune cookies, their teas taste amazing!) They add the fun element of surprise to everyday life. Now I’m to imagine I got one saying “A surprise announcement will free you“?
It took quite a moment for me to settle on something (Nice, does that mean I am already quite “free”?), but when I got it I had to laugh as I wish it would really happen.

I open my mailbox and find more than just the usual bills and advertisement. As I open the letter I realize that it’s a notification for a prize I’ve won: one year of free shopping at a whole food store! Wow, that’s quite something! I can’t help jumping up and down clapping my hands in excitement.

I am blissful for so many reasons:

The store is one of my favourite stores to shop at for the variety of products they have as well as the friendliness of their personnel. It’s just a nice experience and each time I shop there I come out motivated for my health and feeling great. I love healthy, tasty foods and I love to learn about them. So being able to try new things without my budget limiting my choices will be such an enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to try all the amazing things they carry, and I am already excited about all the new dishes I can create, and the new recipes I can try. The timing is perfect, as just this week I have found a new motivation to heal my body. With foods no less! Yes, I truly believe that it is possible to heal from a great number of things by changing my lifestyle, including food and exercise. I am picturing all the limitless amounts of organic produce I can provide my body with and thereby nourish it with gusto. I might have shared this before: I realize that the more I heal myself inwardly the more I want to have a lifestyle that is healthy for myself, for my relationships and the environment. It involves many aspects, such as the way I eat, my emotional health, how I communicate, how I deal with my own boundaries, using alternatives to plastic, etc. One of the more recent changes I’ve made has been to use more natural skin care products, so again this is perfect timing as the store offers a number of products in skin and hair care. It will be great to find the right products for myself.

As I dream up this great surprise I see how supportive it is to my goal of self-generosity and it gives me ideas of how to bring it to a new level. What a fun little mental exercise this was and now I wish I really would get this notification!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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