Discussion Topic for the Week of Jan. 29 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Hi Ladies!

We are strong and independent women, in control of our lives. This connects us.

We are growing as a community. As more women join us, our collective lifestyle becomes more diverse. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, business owners, healers, community leaders, artists, and and and… it is becoming the most incredible conversation-cocktail. Initially, we called ourselves a “visionary collaboration of women” because we come together in this conversation to support and encourage each other towards our individual “visions” as trailblazers.

As we evolve as a community, as we grow, so does the definition of this community. We are really starting to experience the vision of this community, why we really created it. We want to support women of all walks of life. We want to offer an example of what it means to be a woman in the modern world, valued and supported by her peers, regardless of her vocation or lifestyle choices.

Here, you are valued for that elusive state of “being”, regardless of what you “do”. That is a visionary social action.

Pause and receive that statement. It is why we are a visionary collaboration of women. Together we have achieved a collaborative community of women who are being the change they want to see. That change is no less than:

You are valued for your presence.

This community is a visionary collaboration of women because we connect around that central energy: we are valued by our presence alone. When we write ourselves into the conversation, our brilliance is received fully by the women in the community, and available for the women who read us. Our lives become easier because of the experiences we share.

We can achieve more with less effort, as we come together and share our experiences.

Women’s culture needs leadership in exactly that energetic location.


This week, let’s really sink into that collective achievement. Let’s put “do” more with less effort onto the table for the taking. Share with us one tool or practice or example of how you succeed in your chosen way, without falling into overwhelm and stress.

In your invividual version of a successful life, how do you achieve more with less effort. How do you get all the things you need and want to get done in a day done, so that your life remains in balance, free, happy and healthy.

How do you work smart?

You are the change. You’re already doing it. You are being valued for your presence.

How do you do?

Enjoy what you be.

Photo contributed by: Leanne Brooks

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