Detox and Then?

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


It’s this time of the year when the habit of external spring cleaning shows up again as well as lots of ways to detox internally being presented in the media, whether that’s in order to get back into shape for your bikini or simply using this season of new life to release what you’ve been dragging around.

In case Tinkerbell would come and tell you: “You can get rid of anything in your life you don’t want anymore.” would you know what you would choose? And then again are you just as clear on what you want to have instead? Letting go of the things you no longer need on any level, physical, emotional or mental, is an essential process to improve your life and create the one you want. It is just as essential to know what you do want to have in your life.

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant you’ve never been to before. The waiter brings the menu for you to choose your dish. You look at it and see many things you would never want to eat. Is that helpful? Yes, because that way you know what NOT to order. Yet until you become clear on something on the menu you DO want to eat, the waiter can’t take your order, the cook can’t prepare it for you and you will never be able to enjoy it.

It is often easier to know what we don’t want, but when we go through the process of releasing old hurt, false beliefs, dysfunctional behaviour or any other baggage we’ve been carrying we also need to take time to choose what we really want instead. When we don’t consciously use the free space for something we desire it is easily filled back up with energetic crud yet again.


Picture a menu of all kinds of energies: love, adventure, kindness, success, freedom and so forth.

Which one will you order?

Be creative and choose wisely.



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