Daisy. Daisy. Where Does Your Garden Grow?

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There are simply too many beautiful flowers to select only one. Even when I think about which one is my favourite, I can’t settle for just one. Therefore I will tell you about several flowers in my life.

As a child, I would notice things grown-ups wouldn’t, and often times it was the flowers. Back then, most often the dandelions. They are nice as flowers, but for a child they are even more fun when their petals turn into these parachute-like seeds you can blow into the wind and watch them settle somewhere on the ground to come around next year again. It is the essence of the ease of being a child.

Another flower from my childhood I hold dear is the daisy. It’s my Grandfather’s favourite, making it significant. Just as the daisy is a simple flower, so my Grandfather was an unpretentious man. He loved nature and would take a lot of walks, preferably in the forest. He not only knew his way around, but he was very knowledgeable concerning mushrooms. Often we would go pick them in the forest and back home he would cook a mushroom sauce with bread dumplings. Just writing this reminds me of its heavenly taste! He had a great sense of gratitude for creation, and to his day of death he was amazed by the fact that you can illuminate a light simply by switching a button. His awe of nature taught me a lot about being grateful.

There are some flowers that are overflowing with happiness. Tulips are one of those, which make them one of my favourite flowers. And, the fact that they still grow in a vase makes them very forgiving when I arrange them, which is an absolute plus! I love to have flowers on my table. It is a luxury I grant myself often, and one day I will visit a course on flower arrangements, in order to bestow them the honour they deserve. Right now I have white peonies in a beautiful vase I was given a few years back for Valentine’s Day by a dear little girl. Peonies are somehow a new discovery for me, meaning only recently I have fallen in love with them, and especially their amazing scent.

Talking about scents: I love rose bushes and the smell of their flowers. Just two weeks ago when I had had a rough moment and took a walk to cool down in an area I didn’t know I ended up at a rose bush deeply inhaling the scent. It calmed me down immediately, yet that wasn’t the best part. That was the moment when I was taking pictures for my Instagram account, and suddenly a bee sat on the flower of my choice, and a moment later a second one set down right next to it. It made me happy to have not only one, but two of those endangered creatures come sit in front of me, what a delight!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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