Creatures of Creation

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

Creators are powerful. They bring into existence what wasn’t there before.

You are such a powerful creature, whether you know it or not. Being human means to inherently have the power within you to create. Every day of your life you are creating. A home, a family, a person, a job, a drink, a smile, a body, a relationship; there are countless possibilities to choose from.

Are you aware of the magnitude of your creations? It’s not about your creativity hanging in a museum or getting a renowned prize. It is about your creation making the world a better place. If that means that just one person is inspired or you triggered a positive reaction that is all the brilliance it takes.

In order for creativity to spill out of you, you first have to take of yourself. Then if you nourish yourself in the right way what you will create in the world is perfection. This is not the perfection that is without any flaw; it is the perfection of something being brought into the world in the right way at the right time by the right person. It is not flawless, but magical.

Have you ever fallen in love with what you’ve created, maybe only to then shy away from showing it to others for the fear of judgement? Let me be frank and tell you the judgement started with you. This is exactly the not flawless yet magical creation I tried to explain before. Your creations need not be perfect in order to change the world, they only need to be perfectly you.

So what is the perfection you will create today?



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