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Does washing the dishes count as a ceremony? Well, somehow it does for me, as it has not only a cleansing effect on my pots and pans, but on my thoughts and emotions. It seems that being engaged in a simple action, which does not require all of my brain, has the capacity to create the space to work through thoughts and feelings I about past and future responses to conversations and interactions.

These days, my morning ritual consists of a big glass of lemon water, about 16 oz. of celery juice, and sitting in front of my computer to see what is happening in the Consciously Woman world. It provides a nice, slow way to wake up, and it is a great start the day, connecting with all of you, and feeding on your thoughts and ideas.

As winter is slowly showing signs it’s turning into spring, I really indulge in standing in the sunlight with my eyes closed, just taking in the light and especially the warmth. I love to feel how the sun regains its strength, and how it’s a promise of nature that it will be revived again soon. I feed on that.

Another ritual I have, is to pick up earthworms when the sun is coming out after a heavy rain. I do this because my grandfather taught me to, explaining that otherwise they’ll die from drying up in the sun or being stepped on. So whenever I have the time I pick them up and put them on the grass. For me, it’s not only a way to save those tiny creatures, but even more so to remember my grandfather and the wisdom he taught me.

Thinking about it further, I realized I don’t really have many ceremonies that are a constant. Most of them come and go according to my needs. And that’s what defines a ceremony for me: a repeatedly conscious action with the intention to have it serve me, whether that’s indulging in positive feelings, uncluttering my emotions, keeping a memory of a loved one, or connecting with my body.

I am looking for a new ceremony. I need a ritual that helps me connect with my creativity and gives it room and time in a way that makes me feel satisfied. The things I used to do are not working currently, they are nice but not satisfying enough. I need something that’s on the edge between my comfort zone and new in order to provide satisfaction, as well as excitement. I’m keen on knowing what conscious action it will turn out to be!

Written by Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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