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I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m a tea lover – so I’m not a regular customer of any coffee house. Reading about this week’s topic though, I remembered a time when I was in a circle of friends that in fact would meet in a coffeehouse, mostly at Starbucks, every so often. It was back when an American coffeehouse was a relatively new thing here in Germany, which gave it a flair of being a cool and hip place to go to. Meeting there always came with the surety of a fun night. Some of us worked together, so we did see each other daily, but coming together in a private setting, and with partners from outside the company, was a nice change.

Somebody told me recently I should remember to celebrate my progress. Since there is a big reason to celebrate this week, and in honour of our topic, I thought I’d go back to the Starbucks, and take you with me in spirit. I haven’t been here in ages and I have to say, the setting has changed a lot. Instead of the comfy, hazel-coloured, leather loungers and couches that always reminded me of the coffeehouse setting of Friends, there are efficiently placed small and large tables, no loungers, just chairs; most of them are filled with people busily working on the computer, some having small business meetings. While I am joining them to write this article, if you and I go on a coffee date it wouldn’t happen here. We would either select a place I love or try a completely new one. The hello would be big and loud, and the hugs long and tight. We’d sit together and do the normal social intro of a conversation like “How are you?” or “How is life?” We’re excited to finally meet in person and get to know each other in a face-to-face manner. We look at the menu and I describe to you the German specialties in baked goods you are simply not allowed to miss out on. After we have food and drink on our table we dive into what we both enjoy most – deep conversation. We would realize, just as we often do online, that no matter how different our lives are we eventually end up with a topic that is currently running through both of our worlds. We are touched by the synchronicity that shows itself so readily in this discussion. And once we’re finished with food, drink, and conversation I take you to some beautiful places here in Bavaria which you have never seen before.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

Photo Credit: Nathan Winder

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