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Reading this week’s topic my brain did a very surprising thing, especially as we’re talking about the “I have to be/do perfect”-syndrome (closely related to the “I have to control”-syndrome). It went straight to, “I know what I do perfect each day.” Wait what!? I know? Perfect? Had I missed something?

Funny thing is, this thing that I do perfect every day now was something I hated growing up. If my Mom put it in a salad, I would pick it all up at once and just down it as quickly as I could: celery! That’s my daily perfection piece. I do celery juice every day. It’s literally one of the first things I do when I get up.

You can come take a look in the veggie drawer of my fridge and you will no doubt find celery, the once abhorred vegetable. In fact there are days the drawer is filled to the brim with it. I even plan my shopping day around when I need another load of celery! So every morning I take it out, wash and juice it. Then, super important, I rinse the juicer right away (takes forever to clean if you let it sit). I’ve got the whole process down to 10-12 minutes a day. Funny how I literally rinse and repeat the perfection every day as is mentioned in this week’s topic!

This means, yes, I drink around 500ml of celery juice on an empty stomach every single day and no, I don’t hate it anymore. It’s true that if the celery had a lot of leafy green I better down it quickly, but other than that I really enjoy it. In fact I would miss it if I couldn’t have it! Right now I am sitting here sipping on my celery juice as I write this.

Why did I start juicing a vegetable I hated? I have made green smoothies and juices for years, but when a friend of mine told me about Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, his knowledge about the benefits of certain foods and her habit of drinking the celery juice, somewhere deep inside of me something clicked. I went and educated myself. I learned what a simple celery juice can do: clean out bacteria and viruses, flush toxins out of the liver, help with issues like eczema and psoriasis, clear up the brain aka thinking, raise hydrochloric acid, and on and on. So I went and gave it a try and I did see success in my own life, among others the small miracle of enjoying celery now and craving more healthy foods in general. To connect it consciously with “This is what I do perfectly every single day.” makes this habit even more powerful and adds momentum to the endeavour of self-generosity. To have a tender relationship with my body and to take good care of it is at the core of this project. Celery juice is part of it. Having my brain automatically connect perfection with this attempt to nurture my body is beyond wonderful. It’s proof that I let go of “I have to be perfect”-syndrome just a tad bit, which is good enough for me!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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