Coming Home

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein


Who doesn’t love signs? The ones you randomly see and that touch your heart because you know they were meant for you. I remember a time when I saw repetitive numbers. It was almost each time I looked at a digital clock; saw telephone numbers or anything else that involved digits. It happened so often it was super-obvious and still it took a while for me to catch on to the why. As I tuned into the why I realized they appeared to assure me I was on the right path. Things were changing in my life, and I was grateful for the affirmation.

I still have repetitive numbers appear but not to the same extent and not so often I really would call them a sign. Yet they remind me of this time and I simply take them as an occasional reassurance that all is and will be well. Thinking back to the last few weeks and months I have to say I don’t remember any signs, at least not the obvious, the meme you see on Facebook or the sign your friend hung up in the living room or such. The signs I get feel much more subtle. They still send me the message I am on the right path, but they don’t come in written words rather it is in feeling calm or things happening in flow without any effort. Like e.g. the customer who showed up at IKEA last weekend explaining to my friends and I how the dimmable light bulbs work after he obviously must have heard us wonder about that. He took at least 15 minutes to go into every detail, better than any employee would have done on a busy pre-Christmas Saturday afternoon! Or signing up for an online healing summit and forgetting about it only to catch the video with the most important message for myself just before it was taken offline again. Or simply the seemingly random moments of inner calm with the vague feeling of being right on track without knowing how and why.

And then a readable sign did show up: As I looked for the source of an adorable picture a fellow blogger used for her post I came across the picture of a female traveler at a train station saying “The best journey takes you home for the holidays” There it was: the feeling that this was meant for me. This is the best description of the journey of the last few months: it has taken me home. To myself. To the love I have for myself. Then I vaguely remembered the intention of self-generosity I had set at the beginning of the year: “I want to be as generous towards myself as I am towards others.” (see https://consciouslywoman.com/self-generosity-open-your-heart-to-yourself/) Honestly I had pretty much forgotten about it by now. Nevertheless that’s what I have accomplished and what all the signs are pointing towards: I have opened my heart for myself. I have trained my muscle of self-approval and appreciation of all the good things, feelings and deeds I have and do. To see this so clearly now makes me feel deeply grateful and happy alike and I want to scream: Mission accomplished!



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