Come On Over! It’s Been Too Long!

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It’s a cool Friday morning, fall is in the air. It’s been a hectic morning, getting the kids off to school (and on time, I might add), but we did it! Everyone is excited for the weekend, so there doesn’t seem to be as much stress as there would be, say, on a Monday morning. 

I am extra excited, because I have a coffee date planned with you!

Having coffee in seems to be my favourite, and I enjoy having it at my home as I can take the time to make it comfy and cozy. I was up early making sure my bathroom (at the very least) was clean from toothpaste, wet towels, and anything else that could be growing in there. I set the coffee pot up with fresh Kicking Horse Coffee (Grizzly Claw is our favourite at home.) After dropping off the kids at school, I race home to make a fresh batch of pumpkin breakfast cookies. The spice and comfort of all the goodies inside them make the perfect fall, coffee date treat. And they’re healthy, which is a win in my books!

I check the clock and notice that I have enough time for a quick vacuum. Brady took the dog to work so I don’t have to worry about her barking as you walk to the front door, which makes things a bit more relaxing. And in our home, a vacuum is essential when you have a mini-farm of pets. (It’s a daily ritual, sometimes twice a day if I am really lucky.)

I put on the “coffee house” playlist because it’s mellow and relaxing. I turn on the fireplace to warm the living room. I have pumpkin spice oil from Healing Hollow diffusing into the air. I seriously cannot get enough of that smell. With the coffee brewing, freshly baked cookies, and pumpkin spice oil all going the house is welcoming, warm, and comforting – all the perfect elements of a beautiful, sunny, but chilly fall day.

There’s a knock on the door, you’re right on time. I smile inside because it has been too long since we have had a chance to catch up. I open the door and give you a big hug, “Come on in”.

I pour the coffee for us – I have a choice of Bailey’s, or almond milk and sugar or honey, whatever you prefer. But we both go with the Bailey’s because why not? It’s Friday!

Let’s take a seat. Onto the couches we go. We both grab for the blankets lying next to us to cover our laps. It’s always more cozy with a blanket. 

So, “how have you been?” is always how the conversation starts. Life has been busy. I cannot believe its October already, where does the time go? We reminisce about last weekend, spending it away at a hockey tournament. We talk about how proud we are of our boys and how far they’ve come. How did they get so big? I talk about how my son has a “girlfriend” and how grown up he is. “It’s like he went from 11 to 16 overnight.” “And what does dating mean at this age anyway?” I am reassured it’s hanging out and the occasional hand holding. I tell you all about how amazing Bella is doing with horseback riding. She looks forward to it every week, which is quite refreshing. She is loving gymnastics and landed her front handspring last week. I am so proud of her and all that she is accomplishing. 

You tell me about the trip you have planned, going to the tropics in the spring with your family. We all need more family time, as fall and winter come with busy schedules. You tell me about this amazing book you just read, and I am instantly on Amazon to see if I can get it through Prime and have it here by early next week. Halloween is approaching quickly, “Did you get your costumes together?” I was on the ball this year, I ordered some early and we have them, so I don’t have to think about it until this weekend when we go to the Spooktacular at Fort Steele. I just need to get my hands on some face paint for Bella’s zombie costume. Kayd has a mask so that makes it easy; he’s going as a grim reaper. What is with all the Gothic costumes? I remember going as a kitty or clown, but no, they have to choose the most gruesome outfits. 

We talk about work, health, exercise. I tell you all about this new Yoga Therapy class my mom and I have joined. It’s the most relaxing session ever, and I look forward to going every Monday night. It’s quite astonishing the number of topics we cover in such a short time. The conversation flows easily and it’s such a comfortable place to be. There’s always something to learn, a new recipe, a kids’ lunch idea, a new TV series that I decide I am going to have to watch.

We reach for a cookie, but only one because we are being polite, and I know as soon as you leave I’ll eat another one and call it lunch. Because it is Friday, the kids are out early and we somehow talked the three hours away. It’s time to head out the door to grab the kids. It’s been nice catching up with you, I sure have missed this. Let’s do it again soon! Oh! And here is a container of cookies to take home with you; I will be the only one eating them anyway because they’re “Too healthy.”

I love how coffee dates are very similar to therapy sessions. I always walk away feeling light, joyful, and motivated. Time with friends is important; it’s something that we all need.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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