Christmas is a Feeling

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Christmas in our home is more like a season than a holiday. The kids and I usually decorate on November 12, respectfully after Remembrance Day. This tradition started when we tragically lost my Grampa in October of 2014. I needed to bring in that feeling of warmth, comfort and love. I decided that if it made me feel happy, I would decorate. Life is too short to wait.

We start with the tree – which is our favourite – and then it slowly, day to day, it unfolds from indoor decor, to fireplace, to railings… you name it! The last thing for us is turning on the outdoor lights. At that exact moment, our Elf on the Shelf, Charlie, can see we have the Christmas Spirit all the way from the North Pole, and she makes her grand entrance. (too early means too many new hiding spots!)

We have many other traditions – Christmas baking, Christmas cards, advent calendars, gift buying and giving. But I think my all-time favourite is our yearly Christmas Tree camp out. We all get a new pair of Christmas Jammies, that we open early and we have a camp out. We sleep beside the Christmas tree. We make popcorn and hot chocolate (or wine for mama) and we watch a Christmas movie. It’s a really neat idea, but as the kids get older and bigger the bed gets tighter and it usually ends up with a lack of sleep.

But isn’t that what sleep overs are about?!

Christmas for me is a feeling. The soft lights, burning candles, snow falling and Christmas music and movies. Camping out under our tree. It is such a beautiful time of the year.

Written by: Krystle Rhea

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