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Over the years I never liked the questions of where I wanted to be in five or ten years because truthfully, I tended to be so caught up in whatever was happening at that moment. Often I had no idea of what I wanted to do and still occasionally joke about not knowing what I want to do when I grow up. That does not mean I never think about what the future might hold; what path I should walk along, plans to make, but not usually as far ahead as five or ten years.

Now I took time to think about what my vision statement could be – that one poignant sentence that would tie everything I do together. What could be the umbrella that covered the variety of elements I enjoy, like my speaking, writing, coaching/mentoring, storytelling and creative enjoyments like scrapbooking. I connect with people that are various ages in a various venues and on many different topics. These sometimes seem to not fit together, or go against conventional wisdom I have read on how to build your platform. Yet it has seemed to work.

Everything I do incorporates storytelling. I love to tell stories. Stories help people remember the points I am trying to make. It is how we are wired – to be affected by, learn lessons from, and remember key facts through stories and anecdotes.

I believe everyone has a story. I enjoy listening to and reading stories other people speak and write. By putting together possible workshops I want to help others learn to communicate well; to tell their own stories and preserve stories for the next generation. I want to inspire them to reach for their fullest potential and encourage them to find hope in tough times.

There is also healing in remembering and then telling the stories rather than stuffing them deep inside, especially the hurtful ones. As we pull them out in a safe environment, examine them and then tell them, we turn the page and the healing journey can begin. It may also help someone else along the way.

I want to be a source of inspiration and help motivate others, as I tell the stories, share the family memories and help others gain skills to communicate effectively. I realize that I am already living what I dream of doing, since I do tell stories, offer workshops and speak to a variety of groups. I have published pieces of writing and am now coaching young writers on their journey. The vision now must incorporate how to increase the potential for publishing more writing or letting more people and groups know I am available to speak. Where do I want to be in five years? Still telling stories to inspire and encourage others in whatever form it might take.

My web page is Carol’s Corner. My email has Carol’s Corner in it. I envision Carol’s Corner as a safe place to sit and share a story or two, learn how to communicate more effectively and simply do life together. My one sentence mission statement based on my vision for Carol’s Corner Communications is:

“I am passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities to find their voice, reach their fullest potential and find a glimmer of hope in the tough circumstances.”

Stories will help achieve this, for story matters and everyone has one to tell.

written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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